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3 must have elements to writing solid website goals I would like a website // 16th July 2017

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Writing a solid goal is key for any website owner to discover what they’re trying to achieve. Without one, it’s easy to fall into the trap of coasting along with a beautiful website that essentially brings you zero results. After creating my own website goals, I’ve found every goal needs three elements to be effective; they need to be realistic, measurable and challenging. I’ve put together a step by step formula below to get you started on the path to website goal perfection.

First, we need a scenario!

Alice has been a food vlogger for two years and would like a website that will become the hub for everything about her; it will feature her videos, images and musings. It’s her first website and she needs a couple website goals to keep her on the right track during her journey from vlogger to online network powerhouse.


Alice has 30k subscribers on YouTube and 20k followers on Instagram giving her a combined social net worth of 50k. This may seem like a lot but the reality is some (if not most of these people) may not want to change habits by going to your site for your content so let’s begin our website objective with a realistic target…

To build an email subscriber list of 100.


This step is all about tracking your progress and keeping you on the ball. Without measurability, you’ll never know how well you’re doing throughout your journey which can play negatively on the mind and often leads to quitting. Let’s add some accountability to Alice’s website goal above.

To build an email subscriber list of 100 in 2 months.


What’s an goal without a challenge? Something you can do already that results in absolutely no feeling of achievement. This step is all about pressure, we can either increase what we’re aiming for or decrease the time given. How about some pressure to complete our website goal?

To build an email subscriber list of 200 in 2 months.

Have a go at writing your own website goals (short term or long term) using the elements above and tweet, email or share them in the comments below.

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