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Decide your website goals in 5 easy steps I would like a website // 5th June 2017

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Deciding goals for your website can be simple, but for most takes longer than they’d hoped and it’s usually because they had no idea they should have one! It’s okay to not know straight away, but going forwards, it’s important to have this down so you know how to measure your success. Have a look at the five points below and set yourself on the right path for a successful website.

  1. What is it you want to do?

    Are you informing, helping, selling or is it a place where people can find out about you? It could be one or more. If it’s more than one (like most of us), no problem but, we’d need to figure out what you care more about!

  2. Order your priorities

    Now we know what’s important, we need to figure out what’s most important. This might seem a little redundant but let me explain using myself as an example. Providing useful information is the most important goal for my site, displaying my work follows closely after. This is why my posts display on the homepage on my site before any other content. Your priorities should dictate the hierarchy of your content.

  3. Refine your goals

    The question you’re asking yourself here is “Am I sure that this is what I want to achieve?” This step is important because you’ve gone from not knowing to knowing but now you need to critique them. Do they make sense? Do they align with your overarching business goals?

  4. Are these long term or short term goals?

    Knowing the difference between these two will give you a better idea of which goal to meet first. For example, your short term goal could be to build an online community of x subscribers. Your long term goal could be to sell x products to this community.

  5. Write them down

    This is an obvious step but if you’re the type to only think through your ideas, this step is for you. Writing them down gets them out of your head and into the forefront. The more you see it, the harder it will be to make a decision that doesn’t lead to meeting them!

Let me know how you get on in the comments below or drop me an email and we can set some time aside and do this together!

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