How your layout could be preventing you from meeting your website goals

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Some of you reading this title may be thinking “this is my developer’s problem, I don’t need to worry about this” or “I’ve chosen a theme and it looks nice”… Well both answers aren’t good enough to be honest.

Blame the developer

It’s part of your job as the client to know enough about your project to be able to discuss or suggest a layout that you feel will best suit your brand. As well as bringing ideas to the table, your developer’s job is to bring your ideas to life based on the ideas you provide. Depending on the developer, informing you of what competitors have done, what’s worked well or best practices for your type of company may be applicable.

It looks nice, I’m happy 🙂

It’s important to look past what looks nice and think about your website’s goals. If you know your brand is more visual than written, find a image focused layout and hire someone to tweak the bits you don’t like. Your website is your home on the internet, don’t settle for something that isn’t what you want.

Below, we’ll explore two objectives and two layouts that could be beneficial for each.

Goal 1

More newsletter sign ups for a vlogger who owns a website to increase her online presence

Homepage Layout - Chima Nwosu


The video is the main focus as it’s the primary function of the brand – to promote videos about food. The newsletter sign up area below is the second element seen on the page as the eyes scan downward. The visitor immediately sees the value presented and an option to receive this value faster. In some cases, depending on the styling, this area will stand out more than the video.

Alternative less prominent places

  • Sidebar
  • Footer

Goal 2

More visitors to the interactive quiz for an commerce company

Sitewide Banner - Chima Nwosu


A sitewide banner ensures the content will feature on every page giving users the highest possibility to reach the quiz. This arrangement is quite popular in ecommerce around a busy periods like Christmas.

Alternative, less prominent places

  • Main navigation
  • Sidebar

Meeting your website goals is paramount to the success of your brand and your layout is an effective tool in achieving them. Elements should be slotted in and out depending on which goal you’re trying to meet. Whether it’s a developer you’re working with or a WordPress theme, make sure you’re aware of what’s possible and what isn’t.

Take a look at your current website, does your layout support your website goals? If not, how are you planning to change it? Feel free to let me know in the comments below

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