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Is it time to redesign your website? I own a website // 6th July 2017

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So… You’re embarrassed to share your website url… Okay maybe that’s a little dramatic but there’s something that doesn’t quite sit well with you on your website and it’s becoming frustrating to look at.

We’ve all been there and we also possibly thought “if i could just change that font” or “move that banner over a little”. Both are valid thoughts and if you feel your site needs it, be mindful of the below before getting started.

Do you need an entire redesign?

Sometimes small cosmetic tweaks will make it feel newer, a change of font or colour falls into this category. Having a good think about what it is you’re trying to do will help decide what kind of change you’re really after.

If you arrive at the conclusion that you need more than a cosmetic amend but less than an entire redesign, things to note down are:

  • areas you want changed
  • the problem you’re having (if applicable)
  • why you’re trying to change these areas
  • areas on other websites you’ve seen and would like replicated (if applicable)

What do your visitors think?

Quite often, when we’re tired of our website we forget how our users might feel. As much as it is your website, it’s for your users and sometimes it can be beneficial asking your visitors of their thoughts. Consider the below…

Meet Lola!

Lola is a popular blogger who’s grown tired of how her website looks and wants a redesign but before she does, she wants to ensure she’s heard the thoughts of her most frequent users. She puts together a small social media campaign where she publishes a poll of what her community thinks, which does three things:

  • Increases engagement with her community
  • Supports or refutes ideas about her website
  • Allows visitors to feel like part of the process

Don’t miss an opportunity to connect with your users – if applicable, reach out to the people who use your site before you change something that is potentially the most effective area on your site.

Final thoughts

Amends to your website shouldn’t be tiresome, whether it’s a complete redesign, small tweaks or redesign of one area, be completely sure of your goal.

Where possible, have a chat with your website manager or a consultant during this process and make sure you understand the possible effects of the change. Lastly, your visitors may highlight an element or a need you never knew they had, be sure to include them where possible.

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