Encouraging individuals to become more deliberate in their approach to owning and managing a website

What are your website goals? I would like a website // 3rd June 2017

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The amount of times I’ve asked a prospective client this question and received an “I don’t know” showed me why so many abandon their idea/ business. Much like everything in life, we all need a goal and a website is no different. Whether it’s for a blog, market your services or an interactive web app, your website goals help you make the right decisions for your online presence.

Using myself as an example…

The main goal of my site is to encourage potential clients and website owners in becoming more deliberate in their approach to owning and managing a website. Within this I have a a couple sub-objectives:

  • To build a community for my blog
  • To show how I’ve helped previous clients on their projects
  • To marketing my web design/ consultation services

I always say it’s a good idea to discover your goals before having a website. They should decide the design and functionality agreed with your web developer. For those using a WordPress, Squarespace or similar, your goals will decide the theme you choose. If you don’t have your goals outlined prior, don’t panic – all it takes is 10mins to 20mins.

4 questions that will help

I’ve found the questions below helpful when I’m working with a new client:

  • Why would you prefer a website over a social media page (like twitter or facebook page)?
  • What’s the message you’re trying to share with the world?
  • What results are you expecting from your website?
  • What does a successful website look like to you?

Website goals should come after buying your domain and before contacting a developer or looking for a theme. They’ll be your metric for success and as a result are actually more important than your website.

If you’re not sure where to start or have a website already and haven’t set out any goals, have a read of Decide Your Website Goals In 5 Easy Steps.

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